About / by Meredith Iszlai

Meredith is a brooklyn-based artist who has embraced art supplies after working in the art materials industry. Stockpiling glitter, metal leaf, and neon paints—items that cause ocular assault, her interest in classical figure painting and kitsch are on equal display. Velvet covered with pastel and airbrushed paints add deep, flat color in contrast to shiny pigments and even dollar store confetti.

She references the tradition of men painting the female figure with lucious, busty women but does it through the seductive and one-sided lens of porn. After grabbing discounted porn at a corner store to use a reference for making drawings, the interest in porn magazines and other advertising references took hold. She works to recreate these female images with agency and assertiveness. The process of consuming the image is often repeated and many of the models are drawn again in different mediums. Besides simply trying to paint a pretty face, there is a push-pull between high and low in her style, and as much as her focus is on the figurative painting tradition it’s also on the transgression against it.